Rekindle A New Love Affair With Your Hair




An oily scalp has the protective function of keeping the scalp from losing moisture and

becoming excessively dry. On the other hand, overactive glands make the scalp and hair

excessively oily, causing buildup, itching and can potentially lead to hair loss. After your

consultation, oxygen is used to open up your pores and a customized special serum of

essential vitamins, botanical, antioxidants, amino acids and peptides is penetrated into the

scalp to stimulate the follicles and re-hydrate the hair providing the fuel needed to maintain

the scalps pH balance and healthy hair growth.


Dandruff/Dry Scalp is a very common condition. Severe cases can develop into scalp conditions such as Plaque Psoriasis or a form of Eczema.  This treatment is perfect for someone with: Extreme dry scalp; large, dry, whitish noticeable buildup of flakes on the scalp, flakes in hair and on your clothes.

A customized solution packed with, vitamins, anti- bacterial, anti-fungal, omega -3, magnesium, fatty acids and herbs that naturally clean and nourish the scalp and root, helps prevent dandruff and trigger the scalp to perform its normal function.



This treatment offers deep exfoliation of with an all-natural customized solution that eliminates impurities for the follicles, dissolves oil and breaks down scalp buildup.  Once the scalp undergoes this type of cleansing, the follicles of hair are unclogged making it easier to grow strong hair and help stop hair loss, leaving you with healthier beautiful hair.



A customized treatment solution is applied to the scalp that lifts dead skin cells, stimulates the scalp applying blood circulation and nourishment to the hair bulbs, decreasing hair loss/ thinning and increasing hair growth.  This procedure is painless; in fact, you will have a relaxing, mind blowing experience.  



Rekindle is an all-natural topical treatment for hair loss and thinning.  It is packed with the earth's finest plants, flower stems, vitamins, herbs and essential oils that can help treat most causes of hair loss/thinning such as skin diseases, genetic issues, poor scalp hygiene, and styling and chemical damage.  How? The treatment stimulates dormant follicles, cleanses the scalp, fights fungus and inflammation, stops breakage and shedding, reduces hair loss, strengthens hair and accelerates growth within 14 days!


As part of the body's healing ability, platelets and other components in the human blood migrate to the point of care.  Platelets are well known to release numerous growth factors that respond to tissue injury and initiate and promote the condition of healing.  The platelet-rich plasma is optimally concentrated with minimal amounts of contaminating red and white blood cells.  This treatment has been safely used in hundreds of thousands of procedures worldwide.  


The Wellness Body Scan Is a safe, non-intrusive conversation with your body to find out exactly what is going on inside you—but from your body’s perspective. It is a bio-survey of your body via your hand, which provides instant insights into the state of your organs and overall health. It also identifies which emotions that are dominant. As emotions that are attaches to a negative experience is the main cause of dis-ease and illness.





Oily/ dry scalp, lack of moisture, breakage and shedding can keep hair from growing to its full potential. A hair and scalp analysis is used to help determine the best solution for your hair.



It is the process of using moist heat to lift the cuticle and open the pores of the scalp to allow maximum absorption of your customized solution.  Hair is constantly exposed to the elements and its potential for dryness and brittleness increase which leads to breakage.  Steaming helps to, balances the scalp, hair porosity, replenishes moisture, and improves the elasticity and strength of your hair promoting a healthy environment for growth.



Colors, bleaching, relaxers, perms, lack of moisture, protein, repeated heat, sunlight, and styling and will break the disulfide bonds and lead to weakened, damaged hair.   After your consultation, a customized treatment is applied to help permanently rebuild the strength and structure of your hair. 



Split ends occur when the cuticle wears away due to excessive use of:  styling tools, products, chemicals, shampooing, etc.; leaving the hair weak and dehydrated causing breakage, dry hard hair, brittle, tangled and weak.  Enjoy a customized moisture or protein based solution packed with vitamins, live cultures and essential oils that help: mend the cuticle, nourishes hair, leaving you with three gifts; bouncy, soft and shiny hair.


Are you looking for a solution to your thinning hair that is not a hair system or surgery?   Rekindle Links may be the solution for you!  What is Rekindle Links?  It is a non-surgical, non-detectable hair transplant procedure.   What is great about Rekindle Links it is made from a new innovation spun from scientific technology 10 times stronger than human hair and 14% lighter than processed human hair.  There are no chemicals, adhesives, weaves, surgical transplants, matrix or hair systems involved. It is an all-natural and safe solution.


Rekindle Links allows us to take 4 strands of hair and link them directly to a single strand of growing hair which instantly increasing the density of the hair by 400% without causing damage or stress to the hair. The procedure can be repeated so that a person can get up to 672 additional strands of hair added to his or her own growing hair in just hours.



We have several options of 100% Human and the best Synthetic full wigs and top pieces to fit your needs of those suffering from Alopecia Totalis, Universalis or Areata and Cancer


Before & After


Results after the Hair Loss/Thinning Treatment 


"Kindria is wonderful!!!! After going to different stylists for my hair loss problem, Kindria solved the problem in one visit!!!! She is absolutely the best!!! Very professional and personable. I'm a customer forever!!!! Thank you Kindria. "

- Jeanine S. | 02.7.2017

"Very knowledgeable about her craft. Very welcoming spirit and smile. Am seeing results after only two weeks!!"

- Ericka J. | 02.7.2017

"I just left my consultation and OMG!!! My dermatologist didn't do half of what Ms. Kindria did today!!!!! Thank you and see you again soon!"

- Crystal W. | 09.22.2016

"WOW! WOW! Did I learn a lot about my hair. I have always done my own hair and not really knowing if i am doing the right thing, or using the right products. Well, After my first appointment I learned so much about my hair. I can not wait to book my next appointment. Meeting Kindria for the first time, she make you feel like family. She is Awesome. "

- Corinne J. | 08.3.2016