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Have you ever had your very own customized shampoo and conditioner?  Would you like too?  


Shampoos, Conditioners and oils are not one size fits all! 

You have to take in to consideration possible scalp issues, hair type and texture, when choosing products.  


Using the wrong shampoo, conditioner and products can cause your hair to frizz, become dry, irritate your scalp, cause split ends, dandruff, and increase oil production on the scalp. 


It is crucial to use shampoo, conditioner and products that is appropriate for your hair type; otherwise it will not be effective and cause additional issues such as: build-up on the hair, clogged hair follicles, dandruff, seborrhea dermatitis, excessive oily/dry scalp, all of which can lead to scalp disorders and eventually hair loss.

What sets Rekindle Hair Restoration Solutions apart from other clinics/salons and why we get the results we do, is our all-natural herbal services, customized shampoos, conditioners and oils.  


How to order Customized Products

1. Click on the  "Customize My Solution" tab and complete the form.   

2. Email a picture of your hair and scalp to

3. Under "Products" chooses "CUSTOMIZE MY SOLUTIONS". 

4. Complete the purchase process.  After your payment has been received, your customized

    products order will be shipped within 24 hours.  

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