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“Kindria is so amazing. My life has totally changed because of her. She’s knowledgeable, personable, and a great educator. She believes in thoroughly teaching us how to identify self-sabotaging behaviors, toxic patterns and how to process and move independently through the healing process when she’s not around. That lets me know she doesn’t care about money but true transformation.”

BRE W. •


“Kindria is such a gift to this world. The way she is able to tune in and connect is absolutely INCREDIBLE! Her reiki sessions are so much more than energy work. I always leave feeling renewed and with a new sense of being. She always has knowledge to share and it is always EXACTLY what I need to hear. I also took part in her reiki course and I cannot recommend that enough. The amount of knowledge and healing you will leave with is way worth the investment in yourself.”



Did you know that the Root Cause of all dis-ease and illnesses in the body is suppressed emotions?  Some of the main emotions we suppress are caused by Traumatic Event, Ancestral Predisposition, Culture and Environment. 


Did you know that these suppressed emotions cause thinning, hair loss, weight gain and much more?  How? Because we introduce medications in our body to ease the discomfort.  Most medications enter into your bloodstream and your hair is nourished by your blood, causing thinning and hair loss.

Did you know that the root cause of Arthritis is -  Anger, Bitterness, Rage? 

The Root Cause of Breast/Colon and other forms of Cancer is: Abandonment, Anger, Bitterness, Depression, Feeling Hopeless, Guilt, Jealousy, Being Judgmental, Lack of Love, Resentment and Self Hate.

The Root Cause of Diabetes/ High Blood Pressure/ High Cholesterol/Sexual Dysfunction/IBS/Prostate and Female Problems/Infertility is:  Self –Esteem (low), Trust (lack of), Rejection (by a parent), Envy, Self-Hate, Self-Worth, (lack of), Stuck in the Past Traumas, Victim Mentality,  Resentment Anger, Anxiety, Fear, Guilt and Worry. (aka) Stress; the catch all.  

The Root Cause of Heart Attack/Heart Disease:  Anger, Anxiety, Bitterness, Fear, Broken Heart, Hopelessness, Rejections.


The Root Cause of Thyroid Disorder/ Imbalanced Metabolism /Neck Problems is:  Fear, Suppressed Communication, Unexpressed Emotions. 

When you get down to the Root Cause, you regain all the benefits of what having your own hair can give back to you: Power and feeling whole again, Freedom to wear your hair, and your Dignity.




What is Reiki? 

Reiki is fundamentally about self-healing. This energy healing modality can help clear your auric field of negativity, open your chakras and strengthen your energetic vibration. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security, personal empowerment and access to your inner wisdom.

A various of techniques and tools such as energy clearing, emotional release, cord cutting, epigenetic and ancestral trauma release and shadow work may be used to release energetic blockages, ground and release stagnant energy, to restore healthy balance and flow.


How can Reiki help with Thinning and Hair Loss?

Reiki induces a deep state of relaxation that can help you identify specific events, traumas and help you reveal hidden emotional blockages that are causing disease and illnesses in the body.

Is Reiki Safe?

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual, emotional and physical healing, for any age and everyone can benefit from it.  Reiki has been effective in helping virtually every known illness.   


Coaching Sessions

Experiencing hair loss, thinning and other dis-eases can be traumatic all by itself.  Having someone that understands what you are experiencing emotionally is vital.  As your Restoration Coach, I assist you with identifying and healing physical and emotional imbalances that is manifesting as hair loss, hair breakage, thinning and scalp disorders.  You will learn how to identify self-sabotaging behaviors, toxic patterns, and energetic/emotional blockages.  I will assist you with tools and techniques that help you unravel all the ways dis-ease is manifesting and move you from coping to healing to thriving; a beautiful true transform it from the inside out. 

Private Ceremonies

Plant Medicine is a beautiful tool that can help you heal the body

and mind from past trauma, illness and disease.  Don't let fear 

keep you from your healing.  Plant Medicine is an amazing heart and

mind opener that can tap you into sacred wisdom which allows you to

strengthen your intuition and remember your purpose.

The healing services offered is not intended to replace any doctor-approved treatment plan.

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