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Scalp Revive 2oz.

Natural oils, excessive skin build-up and debris are almost always present on your scalp, and can cause scalp irritation, disorders and hair follicles to become dormant. Scalp Revive helps to cleanse the scalp by breaking down build-up by and product debris on the scalp, which allows a deeper penetration of the Customized Growth Treatment and The Scalp Tonic Power.


Scalp Tonic Powder 2oz.This herbal powder blend contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, Omega -3, Magnesium, Fatty Acids, Vitamin C & E, Beta-carotene, B-12, Protein, Calcium and a host of other vitamins and minerals that help naturally clean and nourish the scalp and root. Rekindle Herbal Scalp Tonic trigger the scalp to perform its normal function which helps to combat scalp disorders that can cause thinning and hair loss such as inflammation, eczema, psoriasis, bacteria, dandruff, fungus, dry/oily scalp, dermatitis and scalp pH balance. (Minimum 2 treatments per package)

Scalp Revive & Tonic Powder (Only)

  • Scalp Revive 1.5 oz.

    • Apply 10-15 drops on to your entire scalp
    • Message with gently with fingertips
    • Let the solution sit for a minimum of 15 minutes

    Scalp Tonic Powder 4oz.

    • Mix ¼ cup of Rekindle Herbal Scalp Disorder Powder and to distilled water to make a paste.  
    • Use an applicator brush and apply mixture to your entire scalp.
    • Sit under hair dryer for a minimum of 40 minutes, mixture should be completely dry.
    • Rinse with luke warm water, shampoo, condition and style.
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