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Hair Restoration Kit

This kit is great for anyone expecting hair loss/thinning and breakage. As well as anyone who wants to restore growth, health and length. Genetics, stress, thyroid, psoriasis, rapid weight loss, extensions, chemical services, lack of protein, medication, and vitamin deficiencies are just some of the reasons why you may be experiencing hair Loss/thinning, breakage or slow to grow hair.


Rekindle Hair Restoration Shampoo & Conditioner 8 oz

Contains plants, flower stems, vitamins, herbs and essential oils that can help: reduce some scalp diseases/disorders, genetic issues, styling and chemical damage that can cause hair loss/thinning. How? The shampoo stimulates and cleanses the scalp, strengthens hair follicles, accelerates hair growth, and reduces hair loss.


Scalp Revive 2oz

Natural oils, excessive skin build-up and debris are almost always present on your scalp, and can cause scalp irritation, disorders and hair follicles to become dormant. This solution helps to cleanse the scalp by breaking down build-up and product debris on the scalp, which will deeper penetration of the Customized Growth Solution and the Scalp Tonic Power.


Customized Growth Solution 2 oz

Formulated to bring the scalp in to balance, immediately stop hair loss, increase blood flow to the scalp, accelerate the rejuvenation/ growth of dormant follicles and to trigger hair regrowth quickly.

(proprietary solution)


How to use:

1. Use Scalp Revive to cleanse area of concern, leave for 5 minutes. Then wipe area with warm towel.


2. Apply Customized Growth Solution to area, message and leave on scalp overnight. Repeat 3times a week. Shampoo and Condition once a week. Immediate results depending on severity of hair loss.


Stop Thinning - Hairloss - Psoriasis - Alopecia - Hair Breakage - Scalp Disorders

Hair Restoration Kit

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