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The Birth Of Rekindle Hair Restoration Solutions

Trichologist, Kindria Simpson BSBA, CHLS, CHLP, 
Holistic Practitioner & Reiki Master


Have you ever had your very own customized shampoo and conditioner?  Would you like too?  


Shampoos, Conditioners and oils are not one size fits all! 

You have to take in to consideration possible scalp issues, hair type and texture, when choosing products.  


Using the wrong shampoo, conditioner and products can cause your hair to frizz, become dry, irritate your scalp, cause split ends, dandruff, and increase oil production on the scalp. 


It is crucial to use shampoo, conditioner and products that is appropriate for your hair type; otherwise it will not be effective and cause additional issues such as: build-up on the hair, clogged hair follicles, dandruff, seborrhea dermatitis, excessive oily/dry scalp, all of which can lead to scalp disorders and eventually hair loss.

What sets Rekindle Hair Restoration Solutions apart from other clinics/salons and why we get the results we do, is our all-natural herbal services, customized shampoos, conditioners and oils.  


After an extensive evaluation of your scalp and hair, I can customized an in salon treatment/service and a "Home Care Kit" that includes a  shampoo, conditioner, oil or other products specifically for you and available for purchase.    Consultation Required.  

I became a cosmetologist in 1995. Later, I received my Bachelor's in Business Administration and had a very successful career in Corporate America as Regional Human Resources Director.  


After many years in Corporate America, I hit a crossroad and started questioning my destiny.  One night, I had a dream and woke up with an unexplained joy. “Go back and reinstate my cosmetology license.” Now, I have come full circle and back to doing what I love.   Since returning to the beauty industry as a hair stylist, the one consistent thing I have noticed is a significant number of people suffering from some type of hair loss, including myself.


Concerned with my own hair loss, I began educating myself as well as obtaining my Hair Loss Specialist Certifications (HLSC) and Hair Loss Practitioner Certification (HLPC) through the American Medical Certification Association (AMCA) so that I could educate my clients on how to prevent hair loss, regrow and maintain beautiful healthy hair.


I started to research everything on the market regarding hair loss and hair regrowth solutions to understand each product’s benefits. All of the commercially available products were similar, offering minimal to no improvement and costing up to $30,000. I thought to myself, there has to be other options for those suffering from hair loss, this cannot be it.  

After months of research, trial and error I developed my very own All Natural Hair Regrowth topical treatment that works twice as fast and offers almost immediate results. The treatment is packed with the earth's finest plants, flower stems, vitamins, herbs and essential oils that can help treat most causes of hair loss/thinning such as skin diseases, genetic issues, poor scalp hygiene, and styling and chemical damage.


How does it work? The treatment stimulates dormant follicles, cleanses the scalp, fights fungus and inflammation, stops breakage and shedding, reduces hair loss, strengthens hair and accelerates growth within 14 days! 


There are two reasons why Rekindle Hair Restoration Solutions is different from the others.  1. We take a holistic approach to understand the Root Cause of why you may be losing hair or experiencing hair thinning.  2. After an extensive consultation, an all- natural topical treatment, shampoo and conditioner is customized for your specific hair loss or thinning issue, as well as incorporating other multi-therapeutic solutions as needed.   

For the past three years, I have performed this treatment on 100 of clients. Those clients who completed the program achieved 87% hair regrowth.   Many did not believe the results until they took a chance and walked through my door. Let me make a believer out of you!

All re-growth treatments are performed in clinic/salon only!

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